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The TALK That Changed Our Minds

We were of the opinion that the only way to mitigate the damage of TXDOT's plans for I-45 was to work with TXDOT to make changes that lessen the harm that will be wrought upon the Near Town Neighborhoods.  We had heard TXDOT's plans were a DONE DEAL and we had to play the comment game with them.

However, after listening to Jeff Speck's talk at Rice|Kinder Insitute, we became convinced that the ONLY way to deal with this impending catastrophe is to STOP it and send TXDOT back to the drawing board.

Many groups and stalwart individuals have attempted to work with TXDOT for many years now and are coming away with the feeling that their efforts have been for naught.  TXDOT always has an answer as to why this or that cannot be improved or acquiesces to such small changes that the catastrophe still looms. 

Moreover, TXDOT's strategy of dividing and conquering us by filtering us into neighborhood meetings and wearing us down with meeting after meeting has become transparent for what it is:  an attempt to ram it's plan through without concern for the harm and economic injustice it brings.

From Jeff Speck's talk we learned that freeways CAN BE STOPPED.  Dallas is a prime example.

Thus, we take up the mantle from those courageous individuals who have been working all these years to fend off the impending catastrophe and we demand that TXDOT JUST STOP.  


The Talk that Changed Our Minds