Who We Are

We are a grassroots organization that is opposed to TXDOT’s plans to expand the right-of-way of Interstate 45 (North Houston Highway Improvement Project). We object to the plans because we value environmental justice, equity, and historic preservation. A few months ago, we were just individuals living across Houston. Now we are standing together, and we know it’s not too late to save our city. 

Alone, we felt disappointed and angry that TXDOT will once again be slicing up communities, deepening the tradition of inequity in Houston transportation, foolishly ignoring new flood standards, and demolishing homes, businesses, and historical landmarks. We were convinced--like so many others--that TXDOT had already won, and all we could do was submit comments and hope for the best. But we found each other. And we know now that freeways can be stopped. TXDOT proposed a similar project in Dallas, but Dallas stood their ground and won. Together, we can make our voices heard, stop TxDOT, and create a better Houston for all of us who live here.